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Friday, 19 July 2019

Kickball Rules

  • This will be a single elimination tournament
  • Games will be no longer than 6 innings or 45 minutes, whichever comes first
    • Current inning will be finished even if time expires
  • Each team will be responsible for keeping score and reporting to the umpire
  • Home team will be determined by “Rock-paper-scissors”
  • Teams consist of no more than 11 on a field at a time
    • Must have a Catcher and a Pitcher at all times
    • Must have at least 3 in the OF
  • A regulation kickball will be used for each game
    • The official kickball is a round 10-inch 3-ply cross-textured rubber ball.
    • No soft foam balls will be used
  • There are 3 balls and 3 strikes.
    • If there are two strikes and the ball is kicked foul, the kicker is out
    • If a kicker receives 3 balls, they get a free trip to first base.
    • Intentional walks are allowed and no balls must be rolled.
  • When pitching, the ball must roll on the ground when crossing home plate
    • Balls that bounce more than a foot when crossing the plate are a ball
    • The pitcher must roll the ball on or behind the mound
    • No sidearm or overhand rolling allowed
  • The strike zone is extended 1 foot from each end of the plate
    • This will be marked with two cones
    • If the ball rolls into a cone, it is a ball
  • All kickers must kick the ball on or behind home plate
    • Kicking in front of home plate is a strike and counts as no kicks
  • No bunting is allowed
    • A kicked ball must clear the 30 foot line in front of home
    • Any ball touched in front of the line by a defender will count as an out
  • All fielders must stay behind the imaginary line between 1st and 3rd base until the ball is kicked
    • Only the pitcher can go past this line before the kick
  • Extra innings will result in 1 pitch at bats
    • If it is a strike and you do not kick in fair territory you are out
    • If it is a ball, you will be awarded first
    • Everything else will remain the same 

*** Rules are subject to change ***



Horizon Field Location

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